Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mission to Mars - Announces Nasa

More fantastic News - New lander to discover the Geological History of Mars
Insight lander

With the Curiosity rover testing its muscles on Mars as I write, to see the announcement of another mission to Mars is fantastic news.

There are so many theories about how Mars formed, and of course why it died. From a giant impact to explain the higher and lower plains of the north and south, to it might have once had a hot liquid iron core which has cooled so much that it losts its magnetic sheild.

If you consider that Venus does not have a magnetic shield but still has a very thick atmosphere, even if highly dangerous you have to wonder whether the magnetic shield theory is strong enough.

I believe it is much more likely a giant impact blew most of the atmosphere from the planet, disturbing its magnetic field and destablising the core.

Of course, we all want there to be evidence of life on Mars, or life that once lived on Mars. I think it is highly likely at some point in the next fifty years we will discover basic life forms. How advanced they were is a subject for debate at the moment. But it could well be that life on earth began because Mars died. Could we all be decendants of Martians?

Hopefully the red planet will over the next ten years, thanks to Nasa give us all a greater insight into its history.

Jonathan O'Donnell

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