Poetry of Jonathan O'Donnell

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Goblins Smile

Goblins crawl along the dirt
Never leaving the pungent stench
Of home and guts and bird free
To take the night as their right

They will trick you and deceive,
Take from you what not perceived
Never trust a goblins smile
For he will take within a mile

If you see one, freeze hold still
He reacts to movement like a feather quill
If his eyes fix on you
Run like hell to the nearest bell

From you behind he will take you
In surprise, you feel his grip
For he is the goblin sent to reap
The devils souls back to the deep

(Published 2007)


Like wind blowing through her hair
His fingers caressed and fair
Across her neck and ears they go
Making her body tremble so

Down her nape to her heaving breasts
She felt the excitement begin to test
She did not move for fear of less
Her body quivered to feel his chest

She was an instrument to which he played
His fingers knew her every maze
She could not hide her whimper sigh
Of pleasures deep within her thigh

Slowly he moved to tummy part
Playing her senses like a harp
Her body covered in goose bumps large
Making her thighs ache apart

His fingers slowly teased her body
Like a delicate flower vine
Her body playing to his rhythm
Of pleasures deep and all to fine.



Little shit is all you are
From devils spunk you were spawned
To make the crawl of a devil
Up the banks of your anus level

Smell the stench of the little shit
Makes you retch to think of it
He has no class, no size at all
To make a single life at all

Spiders know from whence you came
The smelly dirty sewer maze
He crawled from the depths of floating scum
Beyond the gates of a sewers bum

He opens his mouth and out shit pours
Beyond his smell stupidity was born
The moronic workings of a twisted mind
Is all the twat has to find

Can he see what he has to be
Nothing more than a bottoms be
He has no depth no sense to be
Anything more that a devils wee

Go back from whence you came
You tiny little piece of shame
Crawl away little scum remember my name
I was the slayer of the shame


Painful Journey

Goodbye my love your cruelty abound
If you can treat me like a fallen clown
Then away with you break me no more
I am no longer the terrible chore

Tears of freedom I did cry
I raised the bar and jumped the sty
I climbed the hill and mountain too
But in the end, I made it through

So cured am I you bother me not
No longer is my heart tied in knots
Free of the chains you gave my soul
You have them back to the darkness you sowed

All poetry is copy-write to Jonathan O'Donnell (C)

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