Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sample from chapter 12

He hit the floor hard, unable to brake his fall as Joanna held his arms in a vice grip. His breath ejected from his lungs as his ribs compressed, she released one hand and placed it firmly on his jugular. She leaned forward, her mouth a few millimetres from his own. “concede?" She demanded. His eyes looked into hers, he was lost again. “concede” she demanded again. He just gazed into her eyes. She looked deeply into his; her lips drawn to his as his eyes penetrated her. Her eyes closed as their lips touched. She pushed down, hard, he pushed back, their mouths parted slightly, their tongues mingled and fought as their bodies had. She moved her hand from his jugular to his hair, grabbing him tightly

Saturday, 19 January 2013

You missed the bus

You missed the bus

The sweet exotic pain of love
Unrequited and ignored
The sweet pleasure of rejection
Unresponded and unplayed

The exquisite pain of recognition
Ignored and deplored
The melancholy of realisation
Agony and damnation

The pain of love is perfect
Ignorant and fooled
The arrogance of complacency
Deserved and appalled

The fate has been delivered
Rejection is assured
The life within inches
Is miles from your shore

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy New year

Hello all, after a short time away I am back in this the new year.

Very pleased to see the Mayan's had just lost interest in doing their calendar past 2012.

Do read the first two chapters for my book.

I will also be uploading some new poetry shortly