Biography Jonathan O'Donnell

Born:       Margate, Kent. England October 1972

Location: Kent. England

Back Ground

Primarily an Author Jonathan is also an artist. After a twenty three year absence from creating art, he returned in 2010. His medium is usually acrylic paint. However, he sometimes uses pencil, graphite and oil. He has sold many pieces since his return and been displayed in a gallery.

Jonathan picked up a pencil to write in 2000. On holiday in Lanzarote he had been reading a collection of Asimov short stories while relaxing on the balcony of his hotel room.

Inspired he picked up a notebook and with a pencil he opened the first chapter of 'Samuel Six'. Samuel Six is a completed novel. But Jon has never published or shared this work. Choosing instead to use it as groundwork for his first Novel 'Joanna's Dawn'.

Jonathan has written over thirty short stories as off shoots from the Novel Joanna's Dawn.

Jonathan is also a published poet and has written over one hundred poems.

For work Jonathan worked for a Government Department for seventeen years, working at senior levels on performance of this department he has gained a unique in-depth insight into the workings of the Civil Service and Government. This has served him well in the construction of many scenes in Joanna's Dawn and inspired much of his poetry.

If you would like to contact Jonathan please use the contact the author page from the home page.

A father, charity worker, youth soccer coach and school governor Jonathan always likes to keep busy.

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