Friday, 5 October 2012

Science Fiction Vs Future Fiction

Science Fiction has been the familiar and somewhat inappropriate term for many of the books classified as such for the book publishing business. Editors and Publishers alike love their labels, but does the Label Science Fiction do justice to the quality or content of a book about the future.

A more appropriate term for books that are not solely based on a theory of a new science theory should be 'Future Fiction'. This Label would better describe some works that are a human story just based on the future.

There is significant snobbery with regard Science Fiction, in may ways editors and publishers completely ignore the genre completely as if it were a plague. But in reality they are missing out on some brilliantly written books with excellent characters and interesting plot lines that would put some popular 'Fiction' books to shame.

So do you think there should be a rename of 'Science Fiction' to 'Future Fiction' or perhaps a whole new genre for those books not solely based on a new science but based on brilliant characters and plots set in the future.

You decide, share and debate.

I think yes and its long, long overdue!