Origin - Vampire Wars (Part One)

Origin (Release July 2013)

A fast paced, action packed series; you will discover the future in these epics and you will be locking your doors. 

Origin is a Science Fiction Fantasy Murder Mystery Novel.

Length -- 91000 words

Audience - 15 Years and up.


The story of Jayne Bregger begins as she is about apply for annual transfer for the fifth year running. Up until this time, Jayne’s transfer requests have come and gone almost like any other day; they have not achieved her ultimate goal of a more exciting police career. You see, Jayne has lived in a City under the Dome of Mons for five years. She has never received an exciting case worth remembering. Her few Officers have been the hand-me-downs of the Police Training Academy. Jayne has never known why the Director has refused all her transfer requests. All she knows is that life in Mons City is dull, uneventful and predictable.

However, all things will forever change on Jayne’s fifth transfer application. She learns from an unexplained crash, that something unusual, unplanned and unexplained has happened near Mons. She learns that her City and the people are completely unprepared for the evil forces that are about to be unleashed upon them. 
Upon arriving at the crash site, Jayne is presented with unexplained challenges and a mystery that will bring the true nature of the horror to her very home. She will learn that not all people can be trusted and some will soon betray her.  She will form new friendships with David the Coroner, Heidi the Professor and Julian Grange a mysterious investigator.

Jayne’s investigations into the crash and subsequent deaths in Mons will be challenging as she comes to learn more about the ancient past and the death of supposed long dead figures from history. Not only did Jayne learn that Humans were not unique in the solar system but that they were not the highest evolved life form. Jayne’s life of boredom is transformed into a hectic fight for survival. She leads the Human resistance against the invasion of Mons.

Jayne will experience many life-threatening situations during these rapid three days. These situations will arise as she comes to learn more about the enemy and those that follow him. Every experience Jayne, Heidi, and Russell will find themselves in will bring Jayne closer to the one single biggest threat to life on Mars.

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