Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cover - ORIGIN

The cover for my latest book 
Released July 2013

Cover Model Branna Gallagher

Origin will take you on a journey from the middle ages to the twenty third century. You will discover the true history of Vampires. You will have a full and comprehensive explanation of the powers and abilities of Vampires. 

This will change your understanding completely. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Richard Briers 1934 2013

Richard Briers
1934 - 2013

I was greatly saddened to hear of the departure of Richard Briers this afternoon. This actor had entertained me for years. From my earliest childhood memories right up to his death.

His acting was brilliant and cleverly delivered. He captured the hearts of the nation in 'The Good Life'. And his voice captured the minds of children with his story telling in the Television cartoon series 'Rhubarb & Custard'.

Even though he had won the hearts of young and old he continued to push himself and when he turned to the classics with Sir Richard Branagh it was clear that he was not only suited to the roles of King Lear, Malvolio etc. but that these roles had perhaps been waiting for him.

But for so many, it will be 'The Good Life' that he will be best remembered. His two fingers to the establishment and the system we ourselves also dislike;  in that wonderful television series is still very relevant to all of us today.

The character wanted out of the system and he achieved it 'just about'. Richard was brilliant, his famous whistle as he worked was adopted by many. Sometimes I myself find myself whistling his same tune on many an occasion.

For me there are few greater legends of TV and big screen. A brilliant performer that many young actors could learn a great deal. 

Fair well Richard and safe journey

Sunday, 17 February 2013

7 Tips for New Writers

My Seven Tips for Writers  

1.    Find your writing style and stick with it. My style is fast paced. What is yours? 

2.    To be a good Fiction Writer - You need Imagination! Can you visualise the world you are creating?

3.    I started with short stories this is one of 'Lilly & the Machines'

4.    Good advice to new Authors, start with short stories and try them on your friends.

5.    Be inspired by an Author. My inspiration was the great Isaac Asimov, his advice to budding writers. 'Just do it'

6.    If you get feedback on your story, good or bad. Take it! It's gold dust!

7.      Lastly, when ready. Get a blog, a Facebook page and oh and of course > Twitter to share your work

Poetry Published

I have decided to publish some of my poetry. 

I hoe you enjoy, please do feel free to comment.

I will publish more of my poems if you enjoy them.

All the best everyone


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Exoplanets Are Common

Exoplanet's Are Common

The recent discovery of planets around red dwarf stars is an exciting prospect. Red dwarf stars represent nearly sixty percent of all stars in our galaxy and likewise in other galaxies too.

What does this mean for us on lonely planet Earth. Well for the man or woman on the street, it probably doesn't mean much. But for the scientific community and those working in the field of space exploration or discovery this is monumental.

But it also means satellite's like Kepler are in part redundant. Why? Kepler is designed to observe one hundred and fifty thousand stars. It watches and records any dip in light output. If the star flickers the chance of a planet in orbit is likely. The problem is, that with the discovery of planets around red dwarfs, the new statistics estimate that most stars now have planets, an average of 1.6 planets per star. So for Kepler its primary mission should surely change if it has the capability to do so. All efforts now need to be directed at the Goldilocks Zone around stars. This zone is considered the area of orbit for an exoplanet that would allow liquid water to exist on the surface. Too close and the water is vaporised or blown away by the solar wind from the host star. You will find an example of that with our very own Venus. Too far away and water freezes. Examples of which are Mars Saturn's Moon Enceladus and the Jupiter Moon of Europa.

Of course the Goldilocks Zone is not the be all and end all of habital places. As mentioned Europa and Enceladus are believed to contain huge warm global oceans. A primordial soup perhaps that will contain life. The Goldilocks Zone is a primary search criteria for searching for planets like Earth, (water on surface in liquid form).

So we come back to the question 'What does this mean to us'. Well I think we can safely assume that we are not unique and we are not alone. The more important questions is, will we be able to contact other life forms in other systems. Yes, but only in systems within fifty light years. And even that will take either generational star ships or incredibly powerful transmitters and a very patient person.

So tonight when you look at the night sky, and a small star catches your eye, you may well be looking at a planet that has someone looking right back at you wondering the same thing.

We just have to hope that science will find a method of star travel that does not take decades or more.