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Recent scientific theories suggest life first evolved on Mars and came to Earth by meteor or asteroid. These theories are explored in Origin© and what would happen if two sets of life evolved on Mars and came to Earth but separated by a billion years of evolution. This story brings those theories and situation to life in a young adult fantasy horror (light) concept.

Set on Mars in the year 2119, post independence for the twenty-eight domed cities, the story follows Jayne a bored Police Investigator in Mons City, Russell her amusing but capable subordinate. They are joined by Arnaut a true figure from central European History, Maria another true character from history and former Princess, Giure Grando a rumoured vampire of central Europe in the medieval period and Heidi a young scientist with help from David a Coroner of Mons City. ©

The story opens in Mons City with Jayne seeking a transfer to Earth to follow a more exciting career. A crashed ship on Olympus Mons (Largest Mountain in the Solar System) takes her on an evolutionary and exciting adventure where she will battle for the survival of the all humans on Mars against the second superior evolved humans; the vampires.©

This book explains what is the myth and the facts about vampires, explores the historical context of the vampire myths, and explains in scientific terms the ORIGIN of vampires. This scientific explanation details how vampires are created on Earth, born to ordinary parents, it is a genetic throwback genome to the second string of DNA from Mars and that Genome when active in a child and they reach sixteen years the mutated genome starts a metamorphosis turning the child into a vampire.©

Mars has developed into a self-governing world of remote cities housed under protective domes. The people of Mars have no religious faith, no historical ties with Earth, they came as scientists and built a world, free from the festering problems of Earth, and free from the protection of the knowledge and skills it requires to manage and kill vampires. Mars has reached a critical phase its population size is now sufficient to support a large population of Vampires

This is protected under UK and International Copyright Laws. ©Jonathan O'Donnell 2013

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